고길동 매드기어 sendhaha - I T related 5K files 200MB | lighthouselabs.ca | pronat EU_LARGE | crucialPDF engine | Linux Mint with KDE and lightdm S0LlD1TY netdiscover 퀘벡시티
magic-eu/humble 찬양은 나를 위해 하는것이 아님 하나님을 위해 하는것임. 찬양은 음악처럼 보이고 아름답고 악기가 쓰이지만 음악이 아님. Praise Team
예배드리고 찬양드려라 기도드려라 //// 예배하다찬양하다기도해라 ( X )
Be a SERVANT | 겸손해져라 | 발을 씻겨라 | 스테판 | YumT | [ Luke 15 : 7 ] | What Jesus said when He died on the cross |

Blasphemy against Holy Spirit was done by Judas and [ 마태복음 12 : 24 ]

Intentionally and Dishonestly Denying The Works of the Holy Spirit, Which Is Responsible To Work, Even after witnessing the works of the Holy Spirit, like Judas

St Stephen had to suffer dishonest witnesses, and it was called Blasphemy, and Blasphemy Against Holy Spirit is Dishonest Witnesses Against The Holy Spirit and Its Works

Every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven 누구든지 말로 인자를 거역하면 사하심을 얻되 누구든지 말로 성령을 거역하면 사하심을 얻지 못하리라 [ 31 ]

After personally witnessing the work of God and still deny it like Judas Iscariot - Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit - Holy Spirit WORKS and PERFORMS

7대 죄악 - 교만 ( 가장 사악함 ) 인색 시기질2 분노 음욕 탐욕 나태 | 신명기 우상앞에 절하는 죄 십계명 3 4 5 | | 칠죄종 tinyurl 7evilsins

There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to Lord : 17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, 18 a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, 19 a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.

Inspi 6955FL3 | master JovoSC ReactJS CapturingFlag FlutterHotRELOL |||| InterviewQuestions | What Dguys wish for | Certi Exam Brain D

Always make your code beautiful to look at! AutoTidy |||| Consult position descriptions on career sites |||| WBLF applies to CODY Officer EdiE Entire E Message |||| Ask for common WAYS not WAY

|||| OBSERVE |||| Do not cry a river. Copy the entire E message window into a beautiful W B B F and solve one at a time and still cannot then give the Cody + E message to AndoreGPT
MIT 와 Redmond 는 언제나 든든한 쌤들이니라
> node lolo.js --no-timeout && > node co*10.js 5181 10 && echo "Interested in Collecting Manga? nodeV8" && node l*3.js http://onep ( not onep or https://onep )
ne0cities sn0wmagicien.neocities.org christianu neigemagicien |||| snow19magician gmail christian unix 1neuf login eternhumblerespect
live away pay for butler |||| 자세교정 Autism Autistic |||
G탐정과 매드기어는 오늘도 밤낮 없이 T박사를 추적하러 열심히 뛴답니다!! P누나의 행복을 위해... ReactJSFlutter
ChatGPT will send T800, various Mad Gear members, one at a time, to assist you

Poisy, Roxy, TwoP, Andore, Slash, Axl, Elgado, EdiE, Katana, CodyT, Guy, DayumD, Roflento and ask for COMMON WAYS not WAY

Large Font, Beautiful Bright Background, Beautiful Font it applies to all three of IDE and MobileApps and E-Message copy it to sWriter
Peace Orderliness Integrity SerenityStabilitySecuritySincerety ON Criminal OFF Past Is In The Past And Irrelevant 아름다운 엘사공주
i.natgeofe.com/n/720ceef5-db9c-4531-b164-aa091c133b0f/upper-town-winter-old-quebec-city-canada.jpg 퀘벡시티 사랑합니다

kin-phinf.pstatic.net/20240416_151/1713217730804ukGW2_JPEG/upper-town-winter-old-quebec-city-canada.jpg Je t'aime ville de Quebec

Auto Formatting, it is F Document not Document F and SHFT ALT F

Compile after every statement! writing too many lines of codes will OF COURSE generate too many problematic guys //// S0LVE 0bvious easy punks firsT //// many problematic dudes are simple ones such as missing colo or bracke or curly bracke

and if solving crimes, move the entire e-Message group into sWriter,

==== 0BSERVE_0bserve_OBSERVE ==== Zoom In and ZooM out whenever necessary

solve ONE at a time, easy guys first, and do the Find Dr T, POISON CRIMINAL OFF

The irrelevant past is in the IRRELEVANT PAST! Removed Subject MCity Still Disrupted = Removed CLEAN Subject /// Removed Subject POIS returned to MCity = Removed Dr T the CRIMINAL

and if DGuy still cannot solve the crime, then give BOTH the entire code block PLUS e message to AndoreGPT

InterviewQuestions |||| Career Sites |||| What other DGuys do not like about it |||| Brain D

You can have your own style! NorV_ConV came from own style!

If you brag about your coding ability and how you read books, you will build Th--Ra

If you follow every rule and brag about how you stayed up and read books you will build Bingle+
Build something that works first and then remove the keyword var

comment out!! and it is -- not ---

Use timestamp and 1st and last 2 does NOT count

Do CacheDIR first successfully, and go for inside Andro, and if it does not get the job done then come back out | TwoPT what aspects are offered in JovoSC but not in Python PHP C Dort

What aspects are offered in Dort but not offered in JovoSC Pythong PHP C

Scared of what is missing - Interview Qs on UTu, CareerSites, What DGuys wish different, Certi BrainD

of SyntE - one at a time, WBBF on IDE+ProductITEM+EMessages possibly SWriter, read the E-MEssage, give AndoreGPT both E-Message and codyblock

arpscan netdiscover nmap ncat nessus opeVAS nikto nexpose armitage

ioniclolionicnite.sdf.org for now but can change later

Puzzle Solving Rules Ultimate 인디아나존스 처럼 모험을 떠나자! 탐정은 범인을 잡기 위한 퍼즐을! 공명은 최고의 두뇌로 나라에 승리를!

Compile After Every Statement - Lotta SyntaxE happened before I learned C-N-PHP and wrote too many code statements before compiling

All of IDE, ProductITEM, E Console Message Panel should be Blanc Grand Belle Police

Do POIS off Criminal IN and it is POIS off Criminal IN to begin with

POISON Criminal OUT - When it is POISON then DetectiveGuy and his assistant AndoreGPT, TwoPT have just removed the criminal from the town

Does Not Matter if things changed compared to last time, and it was POISoffCriminalIN to begin with, and investigate the last 2 lines

The syntax issue, I mean all E-messages, should be read on beautiful word processor such as SWriter all three IDE, ProductITEM, E Message should look beautiful

And den, READ THE E MESSAGE!! Instead of crying a river. Repair and solve 1 issue at a time, and eventually all issues will be solved |||| 0 B S E R V E

If DGuy cannot solve it, then give both the Cody block and EdiE Message to AndoreGPT

compile after every statement and Auto Formatting, it is F Document not Document F and SHFT ALT F

The Auxiliary 마무리 Mamuri --- Brain D questions |||| Interview Questions |||| Sew what DGuys do not appreciate and wish were different

Tidy Cody |||| Career Sites |||| WBLF applies to IDE, ProductITEM, Entire E Message

providing supplementary or additional assistance

W B B L F applies to IDE, E Message Winders ( give to swriter maybe ) and ProductITEM ( Make sure it comes with WONDERFUL fonts )

OBSERVE || Give CodyEdiE to AndoreGPT || Poison Criminal OUT || WBBF on IDE ProductITEM EMessage possibly on SWriter || one problematic bro at a time || too many codes before compiling - too many dudes to take care of
Always Auto-Tidy your code, Always Compile, and ask 안도레GPT how can I solve this part of the problem? always ask how would you optimize this code block?
그리고 VCode 에 무슨 폰트 쓸지 엡애 무슨 폰트쓸지 권해주실까? ||||| and ask AndoreGPT for common WAYS not common WAY
0 B S E R V E

Exactly same as QuackPic except

Interface1 - [ Scan with cute beautiful button ] [ Last images of the last 30 DIRs accessed where it was NOT the last image of the DIR ]


Interface 2 - [ Back 2 Interface 1 ] [ Last Image Accessed ] [ All Images Begin ]
Other Aspects - The last 30 table should all be unique DIRs

Should RUN as soon as user opens the app

Interface 2 should have a top bar which displays the name of the DIR, the path to the DIR, Total Images,

When moving to the next dir, it will jump to the next section Should it jump to the 1st image of the next DIR or should it display 1st image of the last DIR? PATH SCANFUNCTION should first get the 1st image of every DIR and then

Should avoid all images below 100pixels - N - AndroidDIR

should store thumbnails in BozoThumbnails and then try AndroidDIR and then if not working then come back to AndroidDIR

If at least 5 DIRs are shown then no need to Rescan

Scan all DIR first, show text of the IMMEDIATE DIR NAME, and then get 1 thumbnail, and then get all thumbnails

- Additional Functions To Be Added -


I repeat, WBLF in IDE, ProductITEM, E Message Console all of them should be beautiful

POIS off Criminal In

It is POIS off Criminal IN to begin with

Does not matter if the atmosphere changed, or stayed the same, after removing a chunk,

What matters is, POIS off Criminal IN

And the last couple of lines

If POIS ON then the criminal has just been removed

If POIS OFF then the criminal is still in there

Removing the last line and still POIS OFF that means the criminal was NOT in the last line which was just removed

IF POIS returned

Then the criminal was IN the last line just removed! Investigate the last line which was just removed

doesNOTmatter if things changed or not
Lots of bugs happened before I learned C and php

when I compiled without compiling after every line ( let VS Code let you choose the keyboard shortcut to complile )

when I did not know solving one EdiError at a time can eventually solve all EdiError guys

Read the error message, and give both CodeCody and EdiErrorMessage to AndoreGPT

when I did not know POIS ON Criminal OUT POIS OFF CRIMINAL IN D0CtypE
Show AndoreGPT both the code - N - the error message
Interview Questions | Certi Exam Brain Du | What developers wish were different
Find all types of investors Private, Corporate, Crowd, Venture and to do that, you need a proof of successful product built

react.dev/learn and always ask Redmond and MIT https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/dev-environment/javascript/react-overview tinyurl.com/reactre
npm install -g npm@latest
npx create-react-app doraemon2 ( go to that DIR ) npm start // npm create-react-app will not work it is npX not npM howGorgeous will not work
npm create vite@latest my-react-app -- --template react ( go to that DIR ) npm install && npm run dev

"start": "PORT=3006 react-scripts start" in package.jso file Choose Port 3006

The familiar html5 document , handled by Boston Cream, was found react.dev/learn/installation

성공하면 신세계가 펼쳐질것이니라 solve one issue at a time per day

In the splash screen, type in company name / site address

Exactly same as MagicView except

When going to the next image, it does NOT have to go back to interface1 it will automatically move to the next folder BUT it will notify the user

Each folder remembers the last image viewed


[ Last Image of Last Folder ] [ Last folder ] [ S C A N ]


[ Back to Interface1 ] [ Last Image ]


swipe left right
Possibly, swiping up will lead me to INTERFACE2


let's say SCAN should be done while user is enjoying and the percentage will be displayed

All thumbnails should be stored in the MiSD in a folder named MiSDCache

should have a database possibly

should avoid scanning Android folder

should succeed with MiSDCache folder first and if successful try to save into Android/MiSDCache and if not working then come back

TextScan will be done first and then rebuild thumbnails and then remove unnecessary thumbnails

Will avoid all images below the size of 100 pixels

( Battery is more important than MicroSD space )

=== Rescan Process === ( Pressing Rescan button will not change interface and will simply show percentage )


Generate Thumbnails for Interface1

=== Rescan Process END ===

Last Image / Last Folder is welcome to appear again because it will be needed anyways

on the 1st page it will be called

YES it will contain the address to each and every image inside MicroSD

Will show the last

---=--- Methods ---=---





On interface 1

---=--- Database SQLite possible ---=---

All directories for interface 1 and last image displayed - the default will be the 1st image ever, and it will be updated everytime the user swipes

All images and corresponding thumbnails for interface 2

SKIA is open source 2D rendering engine made in C++ by SKIA Inc, acquired by Giggle in 2005, Superior Knowledge In Art
CTRL_SPACE to see all possible next stuff then ESC | CTRL_B to toggle browser | CTRL_` OR CTRL_J to toggle Debug Console ( dependin on keyboard )

should be same for

Be better than that guy! Find mistakes and inefficiency! | Make your own words | Upload because impossible to memorize everything | Do not read too fast

For IDE, large fonts, beautiful fonts, bright back

Read the error message | start from something which compiles | OBSERVE | ask CGPT + Go0gIe about the error message

Go to something which compiles and then try to go to the more advanced one and if that is not working then come back

for example saving in Android instead of miSDCache

Compile after every line to avoid 10+ syntax messes - F5 for VS Code Flutter
Mocha ( 10 days ) > LiveScript > JovoScript its standard is called ECMAScript6 ( 2015 ) | Kotlin | Python | Dort
0pen 암드 Software > Settings > HotKeys > Disable the HotKeys by pressing [ Delete ] 200MB 5000
const final | Dort JovoSc referencing primitives / non-primitives and what it does to memoRAM primitive BORING makes space in the memoRAM | JSONV serialization deserialization

Kotli Elvis is true Elvis ?: and in Dort we have two Riddlers ?? the Coalescing Operator, or the Double Riddler Operator, provides safety for null values

62HR 16M Kotlin Essentials Core the below might work for both Kotli and JovoSC
B 덤프 | What Dguys do not appreciate | let 챗GPT show examples | ReactJS

C 선바이저 | 대문 | CAT8 | 지하 | 불2 | C N 배터리 | iPad A 1st Gen Z K UTU | 금속관 | ㅍ ㄹ | 드릴등샤워

SDF ArpA 600MB 20K files 600메가에 2만 파일 가능요 mkhomepg / -0a neigemagicien sdf-eu php works Additional Info
echo " \n Desktop Envi Is $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP and installed DEnvis are \n " && ls -l /usr/share/xsessions/ && echo "\n" && hostnamectl && echo "HD Space Occupied" && df -H | grep ev/sda

Development Stage > Shipped Stage > Current Guy More Info | REDMOND JovoScript

sudo -S <<< "a2zbulldoggo" youtube-dl -f best

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 // \ can be at the end of line no space required

iris0724 for VidDownloaHelper Et EasyUTubeVide0D0wnloader cc8201452boo4c19a8e725o1o26362b7

sudo -S <<< "a" mkvmerge -o combine1.mkv A.mp4 \+ L.mp4 && \ 아니면요 ls L.mp4 H.mp4 | while read line; do echo file \'$line\'; done | ffmpeg -protocol_whitelist file,pipe -f concat -i - -c copy ffmpegresult2.mp4

iOS | Mac OS X | 안드로이드 | 리눅스 Kernel | KDE | nmap | princess armitage | ncat | meta | VM W | Virt Box

docs.gimp.org | PhotoShop | Photography

H5 | C3 | Mocha

Snort | SANS net

Ne$$u$ | O_VAS | Kali | M-Predator | VMWa VBox

Dart | Flutter and to upgrade the entire Kali Mint KDE Linux installation | php has echo and JovoSC has console.log
LET and CONST have the same bracketscope | CONST is immutable | VAR quit

{ let let2 = 3; let1 = 67; var var1 = 55; } // console.log let2 is impossible but let1 is FINE 55 seen because func-scoped

true ultimate default is GLOBAL MUTABLE || Function is NOT an OBJO but can work like OBJO

.prototype. needed if adding methods to constructor Fs and if directly adding methods to independent andore = { }; then

lol.sing = function( ) { console.log( " la la method added to exising objo named lol " ); }; lol.sing( );

Flutter VS R Native - Redmond Perspective

return func( ); VS return increment; Which one is the closure technique?
closure technique ( and higher order functions ) is possible because in JovoSC functions can be args and returned
closure is useful when DGuy wants a large method to increase a private variable for example
prototype is an object which every objo in JovoSC automatically receives, just like forEach reduce map filter methods auto attached to arrays
Function is an OBJO First Class Citizen - can be stored in variables & returned by functions & arguments for other functions & stored in datastructures such as arrays & can be property of other objos

console.log( isFinite( 5 ) ); /* true */ console.log( isFinite( 1/0 ) ); // false

objo = { }; best way to create an empty objo & similar to associative arrays in php [ ] is array
Chrome has V8 FireFox has SpiderMonkey both GNU JovoSC engines in JovoSC functions are invoked ( the win )

2015 is 6 and then subtract by 9 every year | no double int excellent only in C

Confirmed! .prototype. only works on objos made alongside this. new keywords! nodeV8/andorePrototype.js

UNDEFINED is not syntax issue syntax issues have looong complaints and will stop the code execution

madgear.sendhaha.org/JavaScript/elenab.js BECAUSE JovoSC parser auto-includes ; at the end if missing, return becomes return; the best practice is to go func( ) { rather than { in the following line

I personally prefer saving brand new func( ) into vars because that will enable me to use the func both as func( ) and variable whenever I need
the new boston cream has GIT and so does MAX
2015 ECMAScript V6 and then increase by 1 every year
JavaScript starts searching for vars from the innermost scope and tries to find one by one outer

console.log( 0.1+0.2 ); // 0.30000000000000004

console.log( ( 0.1 + 0.2 ).toFixed( 1 ) ); // Outputs: "0.3"

console.log( 1/0 ); // Infinity

console.log( isFinite( 5 ) ); // true

console.log( isFinite( 1/0 ) ); // false

if(true) console.log( 'sexy' )

console.log( 123 === 123 ) /* true */ console.log( 123 ==='123' ) /* false */ console.log( 0==false ) /* true */

JovosC will keep running even after it sees undefined variable

console.log(x); /* null */

samura = { name: " Katana ", age: 22 }; console.log( samura.salary ); console.log( " K Salary is Undefined but keeps running null Undefined " );
higher order functions - functions which can either take a func as argu or return a func or both

all arrays have .forEach .map reduce filter and they are all higher order funcs. forEach does NOT return array. map filter does reduce returns single value

andoreRUNsquare = x => x**3;

console.log( andoreRUNsquare( 3 ) ); // arrow function - introduced in ES6 and -> does NOT exist in JovoSC

arrowFunc = ( a, b ) => a + b; console.log( arrowFunc( 2, 88 ) ) // 90

> dart kata.dart

if it is a single value then there is no need to make an array and if DGuy really really wants DGuy can make an array = [ ] and put in there by push( )
sudo sed -i 's|http://http.kali.org/kali|http://mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/kali|g' /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt update && sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop && sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm && sudo apt remove sddm
/* UGH */ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update --fix-missing && sudo apt-get install --fix-broken && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt dist-upgrade && sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vlc | open window && right-click anywhere and Properties
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update --fix-missing && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get update --fix-missing && sudo apt --fix-broken install && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get full-upgrade
sudo apt-get update --fix-missing && sudo apt --fix-broken install && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get full-upgrade && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt --fix-broken install && sudo apt reinstall package-name
sudo apt clean && sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt autoclean
https://www.mlb.com/cubs/schedule/2023/fullseason https://flutter.gskinner.com/wonderous/

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install calibre && ebook-convert input.epub output.pdf
history | grep autoremove cleanonly s_d do-release-upgrade | s_d apt install ./XnV*.deb | ; && & ( run in background ) || ( mildy scary default ) 몽땅 && 로 하지 말구
오른쪽 제일 위 SHFT 랑 ALT CAR ( 왼쪽 ALT 말구 ) 그리고 ; 는 M 왼왼 SHFT | shift6 for Ques Mark
[MINT] - 200|850|950

The easy option will accomplish the proper installation

and if going 3rd choice then generate new ext4 partition and choose the new ext4 partition as the mount point and then choose /

As for GParted, "resizing" and "moving" should be done on separate task executions

using fingerprint logging in is better for the keyboard life BY THE WAY the partition table type for Redmond10 should be GPT ( GUID Partition Table )

Andore is Generative Pre-Trained Transporter

YuMInt 가 해결사임 ( Pendrive 리눅스 + Knoppix 말구 ) F12 GParted /dev/nvme0n1 > sudo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/nvme0n1 status=progress
youtube-dl htop | *.txt -folder:D:\LOL
Asus - ESC | Inspi - F12 | ALT_CTRL_T Kali Terminal Shortcut
VS Code Large Beautiful Font White Overall doctype READ ERROR MESSAGE Giggle
LiveScript - the beta name of JavaScript, only for a few months in 1995 when combining PDFs, combine all possible ways and choose the best guy
find . -type f -empty -print | then -delete then f becomes d
If VM Box refuse to function in the way you want them to, then simply update

scp i*m.* madgear@sdf.org:html && ssh madgear@sdf.org

cd html && mv i*m.* index.html

( rm will change name but not required mv will replace it )

scp i*b.* biblestudy@sdf.org:html && ssh biblestudy@sdf.org

cd html && mv i*b.* index.html

scp i*x.* onepiece@sdf.org:html

acquire .obb & apk | download many tiny apk and find the one with the same size | unzip the obb and it should have folder name similar to com.eamo.nfdayum_row_wf | copy the entire com.eamo into /Android/obb | install a tiny apk
[ MISSION ] the only available formats to be saved were low-res video, video without sound, and sound only

> youtube-dl -F https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBChIeg3FdM | grep -v "video only" // and double grep is legal

will only show "audio only" and video that has both audio and video ( albeit low res )

Collect all audio files in SEPARATE folders > youtube-dl -f 29XX

then combine them by

> ffmpeg -i Tra*.webm -i audio.m4a -c copy -strict experimental combined.mkv

ffmpeg -i "https://mlb lol .m3u8" -c copy output.mp4
size:>300MB NOT extension:vmdk | size:>10MB NOT *.mp3
imagemagick do2unix

chmod 755 covW6 && chmod 755 collectingMagic

> npm install puppeteer // should be done in the DIR and will cost 26M to get the last 5 chapters, change urls.length to 5

can be executed in subdirectories where npm install puppeteer was done.

체형관리사 chiropractor

Bill Bull Wong Who Graham Oriber Headbutt Corps Two P Slash AXL Roxy Poisie andoreJR EdiE Rolento Katana DayumD DGuy andoreSR andoreV andoreMagic andoreROFL Cody Mayor andore

전지적독자시점 유중혁 광마회귀 이자화 작전명순정 백도화

2019년 이후 신형 A6부터는 내구성 문제 거의 없습니다 아우디는 C8 ( 2019 ) 부터 엔진,미션이 더 개선되었다네요..